Girlfriend getaways, family vacations, romantic weekends and even corporate events should all begin within the pages of A Lady’s Day Out books. Jennifer Ramsey and her team have spent nearly 20 years exploring towns and cities, showcasing the “best of the best” in their 24 various books. These nationally sold beautiful books are the perfect companion guides for adventurers exploring the south. Inside each book are towns brimming with fascinating history and heritage.

Lady's On a Day Out

Read the stories of the “best of the best” in unique shopping and lodging, fabulous dining and luxurious services, exciting attractions and entertainment, as well as the entrepreneurs who make them great. A “Must Have” book for locals and tourist alike! Great places, great people and the comfort in knowing if you are reading about it in one of the A Lady’s Day Outbooks its got to be great because they have “Been There—Done That” just for you!

Tribute to Paula Ramsey

Paula Ramsey, founder & owner of “A Lady’s Day Out” has gone to be with her sweet savior. On August 22, 2000, she lost her battle with cancer. Mom’s life was an example for many. We can all be assured her rewards were great and that the Father welcomed her home with open arms and a big “Thank you” for a life spent glorifying Him and bringing many into the Kingdom.

“A Lady’s Day Out” was Mom’s vision. As with most things in her life, she was willing to share this with me. We traveled from one exciting town to the next – finding treasures and experiencing so much together for more than 10 years. I was blessed to have shared these times with my mom and hold them dear in the quiet places of my heart.Paula Ramsey

The loss of my best friend, business partner and mother is great, and the pain is deep. Our family has lost our “rock,” but our faith in the Lord is strong, and we take comfort in knowing we will someday join her again in heaven.

I will miss our adventures together, but I am thankful for the times we shared, and I feel blessed to have had a mom that others could only dream of. I have always been and will continue to be proud of my mother for her love of the Lord, her right choices, her ability to lead by example and the contributions she made here on earth. Mom had an unconditional love for all of her children, and as her daughter, I will miss that attribute the most.

We will continue to publish “A Lady’s Day Out” books and see her vision through. A percentage of all book sales will go to charity in Mom’s memory. Thank you for celebrating her memory with us. Each time you pick up this book or any of our others, we hope you think of Mom and her inspiration – Jesus Christ.

- Jennifer “Jenni” Ramsey