Want to be in A Lady’s Day Out?

If you are a business owner who is interested in having your business featured in an upcoming edition of A Lady’s Day Out, or you have misplaced the questionnaire that was left with you in your interview, please fill out the one below. You can also Download the Questionnaire and send it by mail if you wish.

Please fill out the entire questionnaire.

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The above categories will be listed in the cross reference as shown. However, within each town’s chapter several like categories may be combined. These categories are a guide for ALDO to choose the appropriate category that best exemplifies your business.

What are your days and hours of opperation?

Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible with special attention to any human interest information—answers do not have to be complete sentences.

Please list your business’ Web site.

Date or year your business was established.

Can you relate any human interest information about yourself or your family to the business?

Does your building have any historical impact?

Please name and briefly describe two items, brands, or groups of products, which you would like featured in the book:

If your business is a B&B, Lodge, etc., please describe the general appearance of the rooms and pertinent information of your establishment. Are meals served? Which meals? What other information do you want your guests to know?

Please share how you came to achieve what you are doing, and any other information you feel is appropriate:

Please give any other information, which you believe to be pertinent so that your business is received well in the book. What makes your business unique? What is your niche?

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Along with filling out the above questionnaire, please email us any of the following information as is pertinent to your business. You can email us at

  • Any pertinent information such as: newspaper clippings, magazine articles, business cards and brochures.
  • If you are to receive a black and white logo or picture within your story, be sure to follow these guidelines:  A digital image of at least 300 dpi is best.
    • Logo – a business card will work if it is a light colored stock with all printing in one dark color. Black and white is best. If not please send a slick from your printer.
    • Picture – a disk will work, please write on disk what type – jpeg, tif, etc. If you do not have a disk, an original picture no smaller than a 5×7 with a glossy finish—no matte finish.
  • If you have the front cover or an inside color picture—a disk with minimum resolution of 300 dpi will work; but the bigger the better! Please write on disk what type–jpeg, tif, pdf, etc.