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Jennifer Ramsey, owner/CEO of A Lady’s Day Out, Inc., is always exploring and discovering new areas to feature in upcoming books. She and her small staff have researched, produced and published 24 nationally known “A Lady’s Day Out” shopping guides and tourist handbooks in nine states. Jennifer passionately finds her niche in presenting delightful towns and cities to women who love to experience something unique and special for their group, families or just themselves. With nearly 20 years with her finger on the pulse of entrepreneurs, she has discovered the true heartbeat of small towns, as well as large cities throughout the South. Jennifer is available to share these experiences and their remarkable revelations with her audiences.

For a fun and informative addition to your next gathering and to find out the newest “Hot Destinations” first hand, contact Jennifer by Filling Out the Contact Form or call 817-236-5250, for current availability and rates.